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You can change

First....Stop doing personality tests. They'll put you in a box (well most of them anyway)

Now, more importantly, know this...
We can change.

But we have to believe we can - This is the crucial part.

When I discuss "growth mindset" with athletes this is the key question: Do you think you can improve?

​You can tell by someones language if they are really fixed in their thinking about themselves within certain parts of their life: " I can't do that..." and "I'm a person who doesn't do this" or "I'm just not a _________ sort of person"
These types of comments often indicate a belief that we are locked in who we are and what we are good/bad at.

There was a study done which investigated this where they compared shy people who thought their shyness was unchangeable, to shy people who thought that their shyness was able to be minimised and change.

The second group approached social situations in a much different way. They were more confident in their actions and were happier with themselves and how they were growing.

Believe that you can change. Who you are is not fixed. Make your growth game strong!

Stop looking for personality tests so you can put yourself into a box, cling to that, and stay there for eternity, shackled by your own belief that you cannot change things about yourself because "that's just the way I am"

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