Flow Sport Mental Toughness Programme

Youth Mental Toughness Programme

Transformative programme that helps youth navigate the highs and lows of sport and all of life.

Participants will learn to thrive
through the following... 

Clear Goals and

If we don't know where we are going then we're not going to get there!

Having some clear values that support and help give us direction, even in the toughest moments is so critical. Then after knowing this, we can set real goals around living those. 

 during Stress.

Focus is essential for performance in Sport. But it also is important for everything we do. The more we get pulled away from the present moment. The more struggle we have. Kids will learn that being present with emotions is important too. 

Managing Nerves for Performance 

How do we manage ourselves when all the tough situations and feelings come up? This programme introduces perspectives and techniques that kids can employ to help manage their mind and move in the right direction in the hard times.

A Challenge

Courage lies behind any true form of growth. In this programme we look at difficult experiences as challenges. And we challenge kids to start taking on more! They will learn that this gives us the chance to grow and get better. We also learn to change the way we look at threats and uncomfortable moments.

The Flow Sport Resilience Programmes are suitable for kids aged 12-15. For older age groups, Zane works individually with athletes and also runs an online year long group mentoring programme (returning in 2024). 

 Upcoming Flow Sport Programmes in 2023

Thriving Minds 
Mt Maunganui

$120, Wednesdays: November 8th - November 29th


Thriving Minds

$120, TBC


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Programme Leader

Zane Winslade 

Image of Zane Winslade

Meet Zane, from Flow Sport. He's been dishing out mental training to sports teams and individuals across Aotearoa for over 8 years. He's currently the mental performance guy behind the scenes at the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union and the Waikato/BOP Magic Netball Team, Ten Pin Bowling NZ and some of the worlds best Esports teams.

With a slightly dusty Master's degree in Sport Psychology, Zane has been known to mumble a few things in front of quite a few different groups over the years. He's even made an appearance in a sport psychology textbook, which he claims was mostly a result of good timing and an inability to say no to geeky academic types. Zane's not just all book smarts though. He taps into his past life as a pro rugby player and combines that with his knack for connecting with the youth (he's been a youth sports coach and a teacher!).

In between sipping coffee (the real secret to his success), Zane's also taken his mental mumbo-jumbo to schools, sports clubs, and workplaces, where he's done his best not to trip over his own words. 

Zane's had the privilege of working with some elite athletes from sports you've probably never heard of! Just ask him! And if you need any more proof of his expertise, just check out his Mental Toughness Journal for youth.

The journal has sold thousands of copies around the world. Zane's convinced that the teenage years are the perfect time to master the art of resilience and get the mental toughness growing.
So, if kids are looking for ways to outwit their mental hurdles, Zane's your man!