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The trap of "Just be Positive..".

Quite often I will do a talk or workshop with young people and ask what things they have got out of it at the end. Often I get the response: "Stay positive..."    Or something similar. Thing is though, I never say that. Not exactly. It's just so ingrained that some people hear it anyway Although it's a nice thing, the "be more positive" approach is causing more and more problems in this world. If this was the solution to our mental ills, then surely we would be seeing the fruits of our labour (spoiler: we're not!). The incessant hammering home of the need to be thinking positively all the time has pervaded the minds of kids from a young age....

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England in EURO 2020 and the Home "Advantage"

After the dramatic extra-time win against Denmark, England now sit one game away from claiming a first major mens tournament win since 1966. A fact they'll be reminded of a lot over the next few days.  The England team carry with them the distinguished “home advantage” of Wembley stadium. Home Advantage is something that is highly valued by fans and the media alike but what actually gives people this sought-after advantage? I mean, it would be naive to claim that it doesn’t exist, but yet surely on a physical level, a grass pitch with two goals is an even playing field no matter what else is built around it, or, who else is screaming at you. Same field. Same ball. Same...

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