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Welcome the F Word!

Guess what? I'm sick of the way people talk about the F Word. We should friggin love the F word!!But, ever since we were young we were told to avoid it. We’re told it’s bad. Really bad. DON"T SAY IT! It’s horrible to even think about without getting scared about it. We even get nervous about how it will make us feel!But yet, in many ways it’s the key to success in pretty much EVERYTHING. Especially in Sport.......FAILURE.Failing is a really hard thing to embrace because a lot of the messages we are getting from the world is that immediate success is critical. To be good without putting in the effort is seen as admirable. To be a “natural” is...

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You can change

First....Stop doing personality tests. They'll put you in a box (well most of them anyway)Now, more importantly, know this...We can change.But we have to believe we can - This is the crucial part.When I discuss "growth mindset" with athletes this is the key question: Do you think you can improve?​You can tell by someones language if they are really fixed in their thinking about themselves within certain parts of their life: " I can't do that..." and "I'm a person who doesn't do this" or "I'm just not a _________ sort of person"These types of comments often indicate a belief that we are locked in who we are and what we are good/bad at. There was a study done which...

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How to deal with over thinking

That presentation you have to do tomorrow.The confrontational meeting you have coming up with your boss.The 3 foot putt for Birdie.The serve for the match.The last minute kick for the lead.What do all these things have in common?People tend to massively overthink them. Over thinking sucks. Its gruelling and emotionally exhausting to fearfully overanalyse and think through all possibilities. It’s called paralysis by analysis for reason. And can almost literally have that effect in sports!I often have anxious sports people come to me and discuss how much they need to stop over thinking everything. It can really take us out of the flow and mess with our performance in many domains. So, if you are a chronic overthinker what you need...

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Why you might not achieve your New Years Goals

Do you have goals? New Year resolutions?It's a nice time to think about these. I don't want to kill the positive thinking buzz you're on....but you should be thinking about your big ugly, self limiting barriers that have been holding you back from fulfillment.If you have good, strong, big scary goals (the best ones) then you'll have some BIG obstacles and if you want to achieve them you'll have to plow on through some real struggle and growth.So.... here's the reality:- You won't fail because you can't "stay positive" - You won't fail because you weren't "feeling good." - You won't fail because you don't "want it enough"You'll fail because you will undoubtedly encounter moments when you're NOT thinking positively, when you're...

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