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England in EURO 2020 and the Home "Advantage"

After the dramatic extra-time win against Denmark, England now sit one game away from claiming a first major mens tournament win since 1966. A fact they'll be reminded of a lot over the next few days.  The England team carry with them the distinguished “home advantage” of Wembley stadium. Home Advantage is something that is highly valued by fans and the media alike but what actually gives people this sought-after advantage? I mean, it would be naive to claim that it doesn’t exist, but yet surely on a physical level, a grass pitch with two goals is an even playing field no matter what else is built around it, or, who else is screaming at you. Same field. Same ball. Same...

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It's Not Black or White!

overly simplistic statements dominate our information space. It is not a surprise though. It is alluring and addictive. We love advice that is given as a blanket rule. Easy to Follow. Simple. Brief. Someone who stands up and says with confidence: "This is exactly how it is" appeals to us and is far more enticing, and believable, than someone who stands up and says "......well it depends.."

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Feelings of discomfort and being in the rain.

You really want to get home.So you set off on the journey... But suddenly it starts raining. Like REALLY heavy rain.It's pouring, but you desperately don't want to get soaked. You don't want to have wet clothes, wet shoes to walk in, get cold etc. You hate being wet.So you hide. You duck under a tree. Wait under a bus stop or maybe you don't even leave the building. But then, shit, you're not going to get home. You're stuck. The rain hasn't stopped, it's got harder if anything, and you just reaffirm to yourself that getting wet is just out of the question. You must avoid it at all costs. So...time to try something else...You try to pretend it's not raining....

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Sport Psychology through small journeys that matter.

I know you would have seen all the quotes and words of wisdom about how it’s all about focusing on the "journey" and not the destination. We are told repeatedly that we need to focus on the process and not the outcome. Even the recent quote I posted on the FlowSport Facebook page speaks of it (yes…guilty… I do love a good quote)But do we ever actually make change based on a quote? Sad to say, not usually.  So how do we actually change our mindset from focusing excessively on where we want to be? How do we stop thinking about what we want in the future, all the time. Can we actually engage our focus on what we are doing in the moment?Yes! And the method is...

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