Flow Sport Mindset Advance 2022

Flow Sport Mindset Advance 2022



What's really important:

Being clear on who you are and what is important to you is critical for resilience. We discuss performance values and learn how to be clear on what you are about as a person and a performer. 

Steps to success:
Setting goals the right way. Not just big dream goals  (those are important), but smaller goals that step you closer to where you want to be. So you can continually see and manage your progress. 

Managing Self Talk:
The stories we tell ourselves have a profound effect on our wellbeing. Learn how to approach the ones that aren't helpful and change your approach to dealing with this sort of problematic thinking.

Harnessing Imagination:
Guide to Visualisation/Imagery. Learn about how we can re-wire our neural pathways through effective, evidence based imagery training. Perform in your mind, exactly how you want to, before you perform in real life.

Performance Routines:
How to utilise powerful habits for your sport. Our brain is built on what we repeatedly do, so habits and routines are a way to make ideal performance more familiar and habitual. Routines can also help you deal with the pressure of uncertainty. 

Challenge Mindset:
Cultivating a habit of courage. This is all about going towards, rather than away from, challenges. We do this because challenges if they're in the right direction, help us grow. If we can cultivate a habit of courage rather than a habit of avoidance then we can take on the stresses and pressures of sport with greater poise and composure. 

Calming down and psyching up:
Managing arousal levels. Although worrying about how you are feeling and seeing nerves as a problem can be the biggest problem. It is important to understand how to down-regulate you nervous system. And, its also important to understand how we can up-regulate and give ourselves an energy boost. This webinar focuses on the power of the breath.

Your coping plan:
Preparing for the big events! Create a comprehensive battle plan for your big events so you can enter the competition knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare. Here we also go into detail about what our mind might throw at us in terms of problematic thinking and other mental curveballs.

Shooting the arrow:
Focusing on process over outcome. All we can do is focus on shooting the arrow at the target. We shouldn't focus too much about whether it will hit the target once it gets there because there are many uncontrollable's that influence its success. This session focuses on that process and how doing that will help you hit more targets.

Being Present:
Mindfulness strategies for performance enhancement. Mindfulness has taken the world by storm. This session uncovers the mystery and science behind the mindfulness revolution. Essentially an ancient practice that has stood the test of time in terms of optimising and developing the human brain. The benefits of Mindfulness in sport performance are endless. Incorporating mindfulness training into your day may not be as hard as you think! 

Fuelling Your Body and Mind:
Hosted by Performance Nutritionist

Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention
​Hosted by High Performance Sport Physiotherapist Megan Munro